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General restoration materials (A great starting point)

Bonding Agent Chapter

Esthetic Bonding Article

Envy Presentation (keynote)

Envy Presentation (powerpoint)

Launch Presentation (E)

Product Profile (E)

Instructions (E)

Product Profile (B)

Instructions (B)

Proven Approch to Endo Sales (ppt)

SafeSider Kit

Post Presentation (ppt)

Endo Checkup ("T Gee Open in" Numbers for Ipad)

Endo Checkup ("Open in" Numbers for Ipad)

Endo Checkup ("Open in" Excel on PC)

Endo Checkup (PDF with Example)

Ultrasonic Tip Info

Endo 101 (keynote)

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Weekly Rep Report Form


Dental Sales Pro Directory

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Setting the Endo-Express

Setting Densply Motors


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Show Specials Flyer

Stop Referring Flyer

Barry on Dentistry Today Cover Article

SafeSiders Cutting Efficiency, Surface Change and Hardness Paper

Flute Design of Endodontic Instruments: It's Influence on Cutting Efficiency

Assessment of three root canal preparation techniques on root canal geometry using a micro-computed tomography.

Post Benefits Flyer

Post Competative Grid

Dental Products Shopper (8/2012) Flexi-Post Article

Starting Items Flyer

Placemat Guide

Endo Systems: Grid

Papers Supporting Rotary NiTi Microfractures

Irritrol compared to smear-off and Q-mix

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Tango-Endo Info

Endo Tips to Remember

Savings Comparision.PDF

Presentation (Powerpoint Format)

Presentation (Keynote for ipads)

Product Profile.pdf


Product FAQ's.pdf

Volume Tango-Endo Refills Promo.pdf

Comparion to other reciprocating systems.pdf

Comparion to other rotating systems.pdf

Tango-Endo Results from independent evaluators.pdf

Cyclic fatigue life of Tango-Endo, WaveOne GOLD, and Reciproc NiTi instruments.pdf

What I Use: Tango-Endo Inside Dentistry Decemeber 2017.pdft

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Q1 2018 Smart Phone Lens Kit

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